Other Legal Resources

National Consumer Law Center is a non-profit resource which provides information, forms & guidance regarding all types of consumer issues, including foreclosures, home ownership, and credit.

Tenants Together is a California organization with information about renters' rights.

California Courts Foreclosure Self-Help provides basic information on California foreclosure issues including avoiding foreclosure, the foreclosure process, renters' rights, and links to more resources for help with foreclosure. 

California Courts Self Help Center will help you find assistance, information, and forms.

Child Support Guideline Calculator is a software program which enables one to calculate child support based on court guidelines.

Nolo Press Self-Help Law Center publishes basic self-help legal guidance.

Findlaw has law-related information organized by topics and types of information.

California Public Law Libraries' websites sponsored by California County Law Libraries provides online legal resources, links to the AskNow live online virtual reference program, an excellent self help page (which can be navigated in English, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, German, French, Japanese, Korean and Chinese!), a mini research class, extensive legal links, and a way to locate your nearest county law library, legal services or courts.

Law for Kids

Kids and the Law is an A to Z guide for parents published by the State Bar of California in English and Spanish.

When You Turn 18: A Survival Guide for Teenagers is a survival guide for teenagers from the State Bar of California in English and Spanish. It discusses issues important to young adults, such as laws concerning alcohol, banking, contracts, credit, employment, military service, and voting.

What's Happening in Court? is an interactive guide for children and teens about going to court in California.

Que Sucede en la Corte? Libre de Actividades Para Ninos que Van a la Corte en California.

Students for the Environment is a student's guide to environmental laws and issues from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

FBI Kids Page sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has games, tips, and stories.  It describes how FBI special agents investigate cases.

National Constitution Center, Education ResourcesThis website provides interactive activities and information about the U.S. Constitution.