MCLE Self-Study Audio Programs

FileThe San Francisco Law Library MCLE collection consists of self-study audio CDs. Programs may be borrowed by our card holders for one week for $5, or used in the library for $2. Please click here for information on obtaining a library card.

Topics covered in the programs include legal ethics, recognition and elimination of bias in the legal profession and society, competence issues in the legal profession, fundamental lawyering skills, family law, employment law, real estate, taxation, and more.

For circulation policy details and a complete list of program titles, descriptions, and credit details, please click here

Many California attorneys are unfamiliar with the record-keeping rules for self-study credits. MCLE Rule 2.73 states that members of the Bar must maintain a log of self-study hours that includes the title, provider, credit hours, and date of each activity. The State Bar of California provides a Continuing Education Log to help attorneys keep track of their MCLE hours. For more information, see the State Bar's Record Keeping Requirements for Self-Study MCLE Credits.