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Library News:

The Law Library will be closed Saturday, June 25th.
We were informed at the close of business on Friday that the building will be closed due to security concerns related the Pride Parade.


Free Lunchtime MCLE Program June 29

How to Fight Debt Collectors in California State Court
Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 12pm–1:00pm
1 Hour free Participatory MCLE Credit

Presented by James Michel
San Francisco Consumer Protection and Debt Relief Lawyer


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The San Francisco Law Library needs your help! The free legal resources we provide are funded by civil court filing fees, but filing fee revenue has declined by more than 40% over the last five years. As the only public law library in San Francisco, this extended funding crisis threatens our ability to fulfill our mission of providing legal research materials to the legal and greater community since our founding in 1870. Read our new donor guide on our website to learn more about this crisis, the threat it poses, and to see the many ways you can help the Law Library.


  New Titles Added to Law Practice Management Collection

Explore the latest additions to our Law Practice Management collection! We just added sixteen titles that cover marketing, client relations, alternative billing, and much more. Plus, check out the brand new edition of the LPM classic Flying Solo: A Survival Guide for the Solo and Small Firm LawyerOur LPM finding tools enable you to browse our LPM collection by subject, title, or by type of form.

Library Conference Rooms
Available for Rent

Small Conference Room, seats 5–6
Large Conference Room, seats 12–14
Seminar Room for large meetings & events
See our Conference Room link for more information, photos of the rooms, the fee schedule, and rental form.



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Law Library Books of the Month

 The Evidence Wheel & The Trial Wheel

By Robert S. Arns

Learn a “systematic approach to evidence to develop automatic trial reflexes.” The Evidence  Wheel and Trial Wheel, companions to Rutter's California Civil Trials and Evidence, teach a method for improving your effectiveness at every stage of the trial process.

In just 13 pages, The Evidence Wheel teaches a systematic seven step mental checklist of questions for lawyers to ask themselves to help “determine the admissibility of any type of evidence.” Learn a process to help you quickly analyze relevance, foundation, hearsay, exclusions, procedural considerations, and objections to the form of questions at trail. Checklists, flashcards, and review tests help you internalize this systematic approach and develop “automatic trial reflexes.”

The Evidence Wheel's companion, The Trial Wheel, condenses the rest of the trial process into a mere 55 pages—from trial preparation and motions in limine to verdicts, costs, and post-trial motions. It is designed for you to be able to find anything you need during trial in fifteen seconds or less! Also included are model trial notebook templates on CD, checklists, self-tests, color-indexing for easy reference, and more. Previously presented as an MCLE program by California Superior Court Judges (but no longer eligible for MCLE), these guides enhance the venerable Rutter "wheel" without reinventing it. Take them for a “trial spin!"

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